Sunday, December 11, 2005

Inauspicious beginning

Mere hours ago, I had all sorts of ideas about what I'd say for my blog's maiden voyage. (Can I use nautical imagery to launch a blog? I can't imagine there's a blog police, imagery divison. Though that would be quite amusing. You know they'd have to have the snazziest fedoras ever - always worn at the perfect jaunty angle.)

But now? I got nothing. Zilch. Zippo. Heaven only knows what will end up in here anyway. At my ancient age, this blog should be a meditation on the wisdom my life experience has brought me. Instead, I lack any real wisdom and am blogging as a result of peer pressure.

Does my very existence, perhaps, refute Darwin? My only comfort is that it surely must refute any notion of intelligent design.

Anyway. Meldraw? I blame you.