Wednesday, March 15, 2006

abhor a will: Dada for a new age

I have never been anything but annoyed by spam emails. Well, I've chuckled at offers to enlarge my penis. After suffering Freud in many critical theory & philosophy courses, I like the idea of a pharmaceutical therapy for penis envy.

But this entry isn't about Freud or modern snake oil. It's about poetry. Or, at least, some bizarre text that was buried in some stock scam spam. I'm tickled. Pink. I'm in love. And so very, very amused. I hope I get more.

So, without further babble, I declare this found poetry. I declare this my found poetry. If I get enough, I might publish my first book of poems. Under my new nom de plume.

"spry an irritably"
by Britodada

Xerox sit that fair a hover.

The daydream, dumpy, cavity
the specialization aerial consume in and cloudy. At
distant was prosperity mountain.
argue in seduction abet comparative in is debt the it incorporate, dismally shove
foghorn preparedness that homey, all an evident the whopper the obstruct of
broke supervision once by belittle
driftwood silence an grumpy a
death row resuscitate. rag that coalition skater abhor a will swift with exporter, and consignment, spectrum
willingly gore, keep a woodpecker its researcher
ornithologist. buyer best man disgrace at presage credentials, Coke the of by dramatics tic solitary, wont, as... spry an irritably


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